General terms and conditions


We kindly ask you to take a moment to read
our Guest Room Accommodation Terms and Conditions


Prices are inclusive of a continental breakfast.


Guests cannot pretend under any legislation or regulation to a right of occupancy beyond the contractual rental period as agreed with Château de Montmirail.


Bookings shall be made by phone on +33 2 43 93 72 71 or +33 6 89 92 09 38 or direct « on line » through the « Réservation » link of Château de Montmirail Internet site where the availability of rooms appear for the requested period.

Following details are to be entered on a secured page of the Internet site at the time of booking:

  • credit card type, card number, expiry date and security number, exact name of the card holder;
  • a deposit amount of 50% of the price of the booked period of occupancy.

Entering credit card details as specified above binds the card holder to the payment of the total amount of the accommodation price for the occupancy period as booked by him.


Any cancellation or modification of the initial reservation is to be made « on line » by guests through the same « Réservation » link of the Château de Montmirail Internet site subject to the following provisions depending on the date of notice sent prior to the date of commencement of occupancy:

  • Deposit will be refunded for any cancellation notice made more than 1 month before;
  • Deposit will be retained for any cancellation notice made between 30 and 8 days before;
  • The full price of the stay as booked on the site for any cancellation notice made 7 days before shall be invoiced and debited by Château de Montmirail on the credit card holder.


  • In case of guest(s) not showing on the first day of the reserved occupancy period, the full price of the stay as booked on the site shall be invoiced and debited on the credit card holder.


Rooms are available as from 3.00 pm of the date of arrival and are to be left free of any belongings before noon on the day of departure.

Late check out can be requested subject to availability.

All confirmed rooms will be held for late arrival subject to prior notice.


Une table d’hôtes peut être réservée à l’avance sous réserve d’un minimum de 6 couverts pour les différents clients le jour en question.


Guests shall comply with all applicable safety instructions and ensure they are complied with by their guests in the entire site. In particular, emergency exits shall be kept unobstructed and fire extinguishers shall remain visible and accessible.

Guests undertake to ensure that the order and cleanliness of the premises are respected and the same shall apply regarding the appropriate maintenance of the equipment provided.

Guests shall ensure that green spaces are respected. In particular, they shall ensure that no vehicle drives onto the lawns and that plants and flowers are not to be picked in the gardens. Guests shall not invite any person whose behavior is likely to affect prejudicially the proper tidiness of the premises.

Château de Montmirail shall be entitled to exclude or ban any person causing such nuisance without any liability attaching thereof.

Neither food nor beverages may be brought into the site or consumed in the rooms without Château de Montmirail permission.

Children are welcome but are at all terms under full parental responsibilities. Château de Montmirail declines any responsibility for accidents occurring to children during their stay.

All of the buildings are non-smoking. Guests can smoke outside in the gardens or on the terrace, with respect for other guests and clients, and shall take care not to throw their cigarette butts on the ground.

Animals are not authorized on the premises.


For safety reasons and except for short-term parking for delivery purposes, vehicles shall be parked in the car parks areas provided for that purpose or in such areas specifically indicated by Château de Montmirail staff.

Objects or items or clothing of value shall not be left in clear view on the seats and vehicles shall be kept locked.

The Owner accepts no responsibility in the event of theft or loss affecting the interior or exterior of the vehicle.


Château de Montmirail remains liable under the French legislation or all loss and damage to third parties including guests that he may be held responsible for during the contractual period of accommodation.

Château de Montmirail hereby declares having taken out a comprehensive household insurance policy covering damage to his property as well as liabilities for the services and accommodation provided for.


  • Guests remain liable for any damage that they, their employees and/or own guests may have caused to any third party, to Château de Montmirail’s personnel, property, housekeeper as well as to the third party drinkable water installations located inside the castle enclosure limits and subject to a drinkable water public service supply. They also remain responsible for damage to the environment arising out of any pollution of the air and/or ground they may have caused.
  • Tenant’s liability: in compliance with the provisions of the French Code Civil and specifically with its articles 1732 to 1735 inclusive a Guest considered as tenant is responsible under a strict liability basis during the period of occupancy for any deterioration and/or loss or damage to the owner’s property rented unless the tenant can prove that he was faultless. He is accountable for fire unless he can prove that fire was caused by a fortuitous or force majeure case, or arose from a building faulty design or was communicated from a neighboring house.
  • At the time of booking, it is strongly advisable that the guest checks with his Household policy Insurer that his tenant and/or third party liability are covered for any temporary accommodation rental outside his home. Such cover is generally granted without additional premium by all insurers.