A castle that has always been inhabited

Testament to several centuries of architecture, the Montmirail Castle will first take you aback by its excellent state of upkeep, which is due to the fact that in addition to having been the dwelling of Princess of Conti and major historical figures staying there, the castle has been lived in throughout the last near-three centuries by descendants of the same family: that of the Marquis of Neuilly, to whom the Princess of Conti sold the castle in 1719.
Thus, the castle has regularly been renovated by each generation of owners who successively lived there, with each bringing their own personal touch in keeping with the fashion of their era. This blend of styles defines the castle’s originality, as do the twelfth century underground arms rooms and dungeons – remnants from the Middle Ages of yesteryear’s castles built on the original castle mound which extend over three floors and constitute a rare feature nowadays.

A regional treasure listed in the French National Heritage

The Castle has been registered several times on the supplementary inventory of French listed Heritage known as Monnuments Historiques.

  • As from June 15, 1954: the Facades and roofs and two rooms dating back to the eighteenth century, the dining room and the Grand salon featuring remarkable woodworks ;
  • As from November 8, 1995: the entire property, the park and the gardens ;
  • As from Mai 15, 1996: the annex buildings (the gardener’s lodge, the tenant farmhouse).

A private heritage regularly restored and shown to its best advantage

Successive restorations reflect each owner’s ongoing commitment to keeping this regional heritage site open to the public so that it may remain place for sharing common historical culture as well as meeting place accessible to all and particularly to the region’s inhabitants.

This strong commitment has not been neglected by the current owner who is keen for the Montmirail Castle to become living heritage ever more anchored in the region.

Among the numerous renovations that have taken place over the past few years, the most representative are:

  • the arms rooms and the dungeons, renovated 20 years ago ;
  • the Princess of Conti’s large drawing room, cleaned in the 70’s ;
  • Embellishment and fitting-out works carried out in 2016 to offer visitors an optimised welcome and diversify activities in view of opening to larger public as well as to local players.

A site offering multiple opportunities for its guests

The castle of Montmirail offers many opportunities to discover the surrounding areas for the visitors, lovers of charming accommodations, families looking for an exceptional place for their reception or companies for their internal events or customers:

The Castle of Montmirail also organizes many cultural or gastronomic events throughout the year: candlelight guided tours, “Montmirail Musical” concerts in the music room of the Princess of Conti, tastings, picnic concerts in the park in summer… go to our event page or follow us on Facebook.