Visit Montmirail, a little picturesque village


First a fortified mound then a stronghold and finally a medieval fortress, Montmirail has always been a strategic and defensive site. The village expanded around its castle and possesses an architectural heritage of high quality alternating red bricks, truffeau stones and lime coating deserving the rating of « Little village of character in France ».

An exceptional viewpoint

This heritage castle endowed with its park sits on the « Mons Mirabilis », one of the culminating points of the Sarthe department, and can be admired from far away. Wherever you come from in the pretty Perche countrysite, you will not miss it.

Upon arriving you will be surprised by its architectural diversity and its good state of preservation. Among the residential castle and the fortress castle, the Monntmirail site is actually exceptional, all periods of construction being represented.

The foundations (dungeons and vaulted ceiling arms rooms) date back from the 12th century, facades dating back to the 15th and 18th century stand alongside a renaissance gate with delicate bas-reliefs. In the 19th century a high tower and its battlements was erected with an observatory on its top 30 meters high.

Fromthe terrace on the park, the view over the Sarthe Perche countrysde is panoramic. The site also shows its stables, a pigeon cote and a gardener’s lodge. A underground cold store room, the largest of the department, was designed for the preservation of food

All these curiosities will entertain the visitors as they stroll on these grounds, relax in the lounge rooms or enjoy high tea in our new tea room, absorbing the atmosphere of this special place filled with history.

At the crossing of 4 regions, Pays de Loire, Normandy, Ile de France and Centre Val de Loir, The Montmirail castle is the ideal venue for all sorts of stays, weddings, guest rooms, seminars, team building…