A site open to the public

In the same way as for many castles in Sarthe the Montmirail Castle is open to visits. Our guide will carry you away throughout past eras.

Let yourself be guided on the steps of Princess of Conti, daughter of Louis XIV and Mlle de la Vallière, who restored this 15th century medieval fortress in the 18th century to convert it into an elegant dwelling including refined reception rooms with remarkable woodwork pannelings and Regency furniture.

Let yourself be narrated the attempted reconciliation meeting organised in 1169 between Henry II Plantagenêt, King of England, Louis VII The Young, King of France and Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury.

The visit of the Castle starts with the two magnificent vaulted arms rooms followed by the 12 and 15th century dungeons located 15 meters underground which give evidence that justice was being held at Montmirail. Meet the Sieur de Boisvinet in his dungeon. Then on the upper level, you will be taken to the listed reception rooms named by the Princess de Conti from which you can overlook the park and beyond the countryside of the Perche Gouët
There your trip in the past will come to an end allowing you to again enjoy the unobstructed view on the old Perche-Gouët.

Visit of the gardens


Following the visit of the Castle, take the time to stroll in the park, to admire the architectural diversity of the facades, to linger over the fine bas-reliefs of the Renaissance door or over the coat of arms of the Castle carved in the triangle pediment typically eighteenth century, to appreciate the central tower with an observatory sitting atop. This before finding out one of the largest ice well of the Sarthe at the bend in a path.

By a fine weather day there are a few exceptional view points in the park to observe the Sarthe Perche as far as 60 km around. This outstanding scenic view will enable you to admire the countryside at the borders of 4 departments (Sarthe, Orne, Eure et Loir, Loir et Cher) and of 3 regions (Pays de Loire, Normandy, Centre Val de Loir).


Price list of guided visits

  • Adults : € 7
  • Children under 8: Free
  • Adolescent (8-18): € 5
  • Student: € 5
  • Reduced rate*: € 5,50

* Tarif also valid for any visitor showing a full rate adult ticket from the Abbey of l’Epau. To reciprocate, the latter will charge a reduced rate for any visitor showing a full rate ticket of the Montmirail Castle.


Price list of guided visits

  • Adults : € 6
  • Children under 8: Free
  • Adolescent (8-18): € 4

Guided tour and breakfast (2H to 2H15): € 12

Guided tour and gourmet breakfast (2H to 2H15): € 12

Animation forge / the Montmirail knife (1h to 1h15): p/person for groups of minimum 15 : € 8 for 15 / € 7 for 40 and € 6 for 40.


The Montmirail Castle is open for schcolar groups visits.

Free visit. Thanks to The Whodidit booklet*, the pupils will learn on a team basis and in a playful manner the history of the Castle and of its owners. A leaflet is available to the teachers in view of facilitating the visit.
*The booklet has been made by the pupils of the Montmirail/Malleray school

Guided tour. Theme 1 : Montmirail in the Middle Age on the traces of the Gouët family. Theme 2 : Montmirail and the Renaissance in the 18th century.

Workshop. heraldic workshop, forge workshop, painting on china workshop


The park and tea time

What is more enjoyable than having tea, coffee or hot chocolate beverage in this magnificent surroundings.
It is the memorable experience we make available for you in the old now restored stables or in the park facing the Castle : tea, home made iced tea, coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream, home made pastries.


Tour of the Castle

From April 5 to July 5, from September 6 to September 20 and from October 18 to November 1

Sundays and public holidays : 14 h to 18h30
Guided tours : 14h30, 15h30, 16h30 and 18h30

From July 6 to August 26
Every day except Saturday : 11h30 to 12h30, 14h30 to 18h30
Guided tour : 11h30, 12h30, 15h30, 16h30, 17h30

All year round
On request for all groups as from 15. Please contact : +33 (0)2 43 93 72 71 or contact@chateaudemontmirail.com or on our Facebook page

Visit of the gardens

From April 5 to July 5, from September 6 to September 20, from October 18 to November
Evry Sunday and public holidays : from 14 h to 18h30

From July 8 to August 26
Every day except Saturday : 11h to 12h30 and 14h to 18h30
Free visit