The site

The castle and the park are classified as a French Monument and are perched on the “Mons Mirabilis”, one of the culminating points of the Sarthe, thus allowing it to be admired from afar. Indeed, the castle appears on the horizon wherever you may be coming from in the beautiful Perche countryside.

Upon arriving, you will be taken aback by the variety of its architecture and its excellent state of upkeep. Falling midway between a dwelling and a fortified castle, the Montmirail site is exceptional: all of the construction periods are represented here. 

The ground level (dungeons and arms rooms) dates back to the twelfth century, whereas the facades (fifteenth and eighteenth century) feature alongside a Renaissance door adorned with delicate bas-reliefs. The castle took on other regalia during the nineteenth century, with its imposing crenelated tower boasting at its top an Observatory that rises approximately thirty metres from the ground.

From the terrace of the park, you can admire a panoramic view of the Perche Sarthois. The stables, the dovecote and the caretaker’s lodge are still visible.

Lastly, the cold room (the largest in the department) allowed to store food up until the beginning of the last century.

All of these treasures combined form an invitation to stroll through and visit or enjoy for a weekend in our guest quarters a site that is full of history, where time seems to be suspended…